Our CSIMS Committees


We are currently working with 9 Societies to formulate working relationships to find common goals with physicians and providers throughout California. Nine of our Members are representing CSIMS as our Ambassadors, to begin establishing partnerships bridging our collective needs. Issues from Education projects (Trifecta Conference Project in March of 2020 with BIACAL, CCA & CSIMS), to joining hands to form more powerful advocacy in Sacramento, together, are being created and expanded upon every day!


The CAC is made up of the corporate leaders, CEO’s and owners of medium and large State and National organizations. These leaders are working on a regular basis to bring the business and non-profit needs of our Society together, for the first time ever. In so doing, we have been able to tap into an enormous source of knowledge to help the Society as a whole, but also ideas on how to help each individual Member of CSIMS. There has been an explosion of ideas as we are formulating for the first time ever, the “Founding Members” of the long standing Friends of CSIMS.


The CSIMS nominating committee is made up of the most active members, on the Executive Committee, who are working to manage the Society and build its stature and strength in California. Recently, the Committee recommended 8 candidates to be considered for openings on the Board and 2 of those Physicians were elected. We are growing our Board of Directors and will soon be accepting nominations, from the entire membership, of Physicians who are best suited to become Members of the Board of Directors of CSIMS.


As we continue to grow and innovate, and as we continue to build strength in numbers, we are now more than ever ready for our voices to be heard and our issues, as Physicians and providers, addressed. To that end, we have begun the process of creating a Legal Action Committee. This committee is very unique in that the members of this committee will be made up of those that specifically contribute to the war chest fund…this committee is made up of the actual members-at-large of the organization. The purpose is to form yet another group of individual thinkers and fighters, in an organized fashion, to bring the fight with legal assistance, to prepare on another battle front for our rights as Physicians!

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