CSIMS Connects

Welcome to CSIMS CONNECTS, February 2021


Michael Amster MD, Vice President, Managing Editor CSIMS Connects

CSIMS is committed to you! Your organization is doing everything possible to support you. 2021 has been a very busy year for CSIMS. We are offering our members incredible value with twice a week offerings mini worker’s comp medical school. We will also offer 2 exciting continuing education conferences in the upcoming year. As a physician member, make sure not to miss out on the lively CSIMS messaging board where members can ask questions and post expert answers to help each other guide the challenging worker’s compensation environment. You can email Dr. Steven Feinberg if you would like to be added to the online community (stevenfeinberg@hotmail.com) for physician members only.


Ron Y. Goldstein MD, Executive Director, Editor-In-Chief CSIMS Connects

The pathway is becoming clearer as we reach out to our Members and Members to be: The “NEW CSIMS” is the most powerful organization in California whose foundation is the betterment of the Physicians. We are getting National and International requests by physicians who are hungry for our information and our collective knowledge in the Workers’ Compensation arena, and we are stepping up our game in every which way possible!

Our Bi-Weekly Zoominar Med-Legal Medical School Luncheon series has kicked off to a remarkable start, with hundreds of Physicians and Attorneys participating. The topics are current, and the teaching staff is powerful, disseminating information required for your practice and for your business.

For the first time ever, the “NEW CSIMS” is putting on 2 conferences in 2021. The “March Madness: Learn to Play the Work Comp Game and Win”, will be presented virtually and will run from Friday, March 26 through Sunday March 28. This conference will be focused on how our members can thrive as Treaters and more Pearls on how to maximize your QME efforts with all the upcoming changes.

We are also preparing to go back towards normal with our CSIMS 36th ANNUAL IN-PERSON CONFERENCE OCTOBER 21-24, 2021, which is already scheduled to be held at the Westin Gas Lamp District in San Diego.

Please, help me grow our Society so that I can help you succeed and grow your practices!!


Gabor Vari MD, Chairman, Advocacy Committee

The long-awaited QME fee schedule update was released by DWC on Wednesday, October 28, 2020 and a public hearing was held on Monday, December 14, 2020.

DWC heard comments from many providers, including CSIMS members, at the public hearing. DWC is still compiling all comments they received, whether they were submitted in writing or verbally at the public hearing. We are hearing that DWC will be posting their responses to these comments as well as some changes to the proposed fee schedule in early February. Our understanding is that the changes will be marginal and not significantly impact economics. Depending on the extent of changes to the fee schedule, there may be further public commentary periods or, alternatively, the fee schedule may be finalized and submitted to the Office of Administrative Law for adoption. DWC’s goal is still to have the new fee schedule in place by April 1, 2021. 

We have been following the fee schedule closely and have been front and center advocating for you. We will keep you posted as news develops around the fee schedule. 

Separately, we have a busy 2021 planned on the legislative front. We should have more news for you in early March related to bills which we have in the works. As our bills come to fruition, we will let you know. When the time is right, we will be looking to you to reach out to your California Senator and Assemblyperson to encourage them to support our bills as well.

I hope that you are staying healthy out there and have gotten your COVID vaccination. From all of us here at CSIMS, we wish you a happy and healthy 2021! 


Sana Khan MD, Chairman, Education Committee

January was the month of establishing the AMA Guides Foundational knowledge on CSIMS’ Med-Legal Medical School Luncheon Bi-Weekly Zoominar series. The lectures were held on Tuesdays 12:30PM – 1:30PM and Fridays 12:30PM – 1:30PM. The Zoominars are free of cost when seen live or for CSIMS members for later viewing. The next series of lectures is covering COVID-19 basic science, workers’ compensation laws and regulations, long term consequences and related AMA impairment ratings. This will be followed by the Brain Series (with particular focus on TBI) which will extend to mid-March after which there will be one week off before the CSIMS Spring conference. The Spring conference will be from March 26-28. 2021. Each day will be starting at 8:00AM and finishing at 12:30PM. The theme will focus on Primary Treaters, Med-Legal report writing and billing/collections. Lots of education is happening at CSIMS. Make sure to tune in and not miss the fun!!


Patricia Aranas, Assistant Director

January was a busy month for us at CSIMS! Here is a summary of what we have been up too:

January 15th was the launch of our CSIMS membership drive for our existing and new members. Our E-blast to our members provides information on the new membership pricing, all the benefits in becoming a CSIMS member, including our exciting weekly educational webinars, virtual conference in March of 2021 and our annual CSIMS conference in October 2021.

CSIMS is happy to announce we are currently working on the accreditation process for report writing so that we can offer online courses to our members. Our members have repeatedly requested it and we listened! We will keep our members updated on the progress through our newsletter and website.

As your CSIMS Assistant Director, I wanted to give a friendly reminder to members that attended the 35th Virtual Conference, to turn in your “Attendance and Evaluation” forms. You took the time and effort to attend, do not miss out on receiving your Certificate of Completion. Please send your completed evaluations to csimsaccreditation@gmail.com.

We look forward to your joining CSIMS! 


Bella Goldstein, Vice President, Communications

We just finished our first full month of our weekly Zoominars and have gotten an incredibly positive response from our growing number of attendees! As February begins, there will be an entirely new set of topics, so please make sure to sign up to participate.

Additionally, our social media accounts continue to grow each month, but if you have not followed us yet, please do to show your support!

Thank you everyone for your help in supporting CSIMS.


Board Member Spotlight

Dr. Leslie Levy

If CSIMS had a resident sommelier it would be Dr. Leslie Levy. Les always attends the board meetings with a glass of wine in hand!

Dr. Levy graduated from California College of Podiatric Medicine in 1979. Les has been practicing in Southern California for his entire career. He continues to be a treating physician, as well as a QME and a medical expert for medical malpractice cases. He also teaches at Western University Health Sciences in Pomona, and previously taught podiatric residents and students for 15 years at LAC USC Medical center in Los Angeles.

Les has served on the CSIMS board for over 10years. He is passionate to help forward the cause of improving the worker’s compensation system, helping the injured workers, and helping create better systems for physician reimbursement and high-quality reports.

In his spare time, Les enjoys tennis, skiing, cycling, cooking, coffee and of course wine. He has a satellite QME office in Sonoma County, so he can regularly visit his favorite wineries and appreciate all the new vintage wines.