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Welcome to CSIMS CONNECTS, January 2021


Michael Amster MD, Vice President, Managing Editor CSIMS Connects

Happy New Year! 2021 is going to be an exciting year for our members!

CSIMS is committed to you! Your organization is doing everything possible to support you. We provide emergency webinars and regular educational content on topics like mastering the AMA 5th edition (see Dr. Khan’s message below for exciting details starting on Friday, January 8th, 2021!).

In 2021, this monthly newsletter will be yet another way for us to connect with you. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to connecting with you much more in 2021. On behalf of myself and the board, we wish you a healthy, happy, and peaceful new year!


Jacob Rosenberg MD, President

CSIMS is planning a very busy year. We continue to monitor developments with the proposed fee schedule. We plan to document abuses of the provision for uncompensated supplemental reports and abuses if parties do not provide a list of medical records sent for review. We must remain vigilant with the roll out of the new fee schedule!

We will introduce a bill addressing MPNs, billing abuses, the problems caused by companies like One Call, and UR deadlines. A copy will be available for viewing on our website in March.

We will also have a very busy schedule of didactic sessions reviewing the AMA guides and a separate series delineating best office practices in Work Comp settings.

To continue this work and set the groundwork for the next year, we need your support. Please rejoin CSIMS and recruit a friend/colleague. Collectively we have improved the med-legal fee schedule. Collectively we have also improved access to care for patients while enhancing our ability to provide appropriate treatment. To continuing accomplishing our goals, we need to keep building our community of members.


Ron Y. Goldstein MD, Executive Director

As promised, the “NEW CSIMS” has reduced its membership rate to perhaps the lowest in our 40-year history. We are providing an ongoing Webinar/educational forum to enhance the “Business of Medicine”. In 2020, we achieved the greatest Education and Advocacy accomplishments that CSIMS has ever had. Last year we successfully navigated our first-ever Virtual Annual meeting with great success. This year, we will be producing TWO CONFERENCES: a very structured Virtual meeting in March and an in-person Annual meeting in October. Our advocacy efforts have been enormous with 100’s of man hours for the MLFS. Now, we are squarely at the proverbial “Table” … and that was just the beginning.

There is so much more to share, but first, the most necessary part of my job is to secure a grand audience with so many Members that our voices are heard throughout the great State of California!

Simply put, here is our 2021 gift to all the past and future Members…to be part of the greatest worker’s Compensation Physician group ever assembled:

Group of 1-2 Physicians/Providers
Associate Member*
*Requires proof of being a member of one of our 9 Collaborating partners
Group of 3-9 Physicians/Providers
Group of 10-29 Physicians/Providers
Affiliate/Attorney Member
Corporate Vendor Members



With an active Membership, you will be invited to the “Members-only” TWO conferences which will also be offered at astoundingly low prices. Please join quickly and get involved in building the “NEW CSIMS” for the 2021 GREATEST COMEBACK OF ALL TIMES!

Our membership opens up on Monday, January 11, 2021 and we look forward to your joining CSIMS!


Gabor Vari MD, Chairman, Advocacy Committee

The DWC released the long-awaited QME fee schedule update on Wednesday, October 28, 2020 and public hearing was on Monday, December 14, 2020. DWC heard comments from many providers, including CSIMS members, at the public hearing.

The next steps are for DWC to compile all comments they received, whether submitted in writing or verbally at the public hearing. DWC will be posting their responses to these comments and whether they are changing the proposed fee schedule. Depending on the extent of changes to the fee schedule, there may be further public commentary periods or, alternatively, the fee schedule may be finalized and submitted to the Office of Administrative Law for adoption. DWC’s goal is to have the new fee schedule in place by April 1, 2021.

We have been following the fee schedule closely and have been front and center advocating for you. We will keep you posted as news develops around the fee schedule.

Separately, we have a busy 2021 planned on the legislative front. We plan to tackle some long-standing issues impacting both treating physicians as well as QMEs. As our bills come to fruition, we will let you know. When the time is right, we will be looking to you to reach out to your California Senator and Assemblyperson to encourage them to support our bills as well.

Here is to a great end to the year and an exciting and action-packed 2021 from the CSIMS advocacy team. From all of us here at CSIMS, we wish you a happy and healthy Holiday season!


Sana Khan MD, Chairman, Education Committee

As we welcome the New Year, CSIMS’ “Med-Legal Medical School Luncheon” Bi-Weekly Zoominar series will focus in January on the foundation and usage of the AMA Guides 5th Edition impairment ratings. The moderators will be Christopher R. Brigham, MD and Sana Khan, MD, PhD with an Outstanding faculty participating, including Physicians, Judges, Guides’ Editor, Applicant and Defense Attorneys.

If you are currently a QME or AME, or want to become one, you do not want to miss this learning opportunity. Participants will be able to:

1. Explain what stakeholders are looking for in a quality report.
2. Demonstrate how to use the AMA Guides most effectively to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, Fifth Edition, including principles and assessing specific impairments.
3. Describe best practices for medicolegal practices and how this is reflected in all of our practices
4. Discuss the uniqueness of California, from both medical and legal perspectives, in using the Guides.
5. Explain how to assess impairment and disability in the pain patient.
6. Describe how to apply best practices to evaluations and report preparation that greatly enhances quality and efficiency.

Each session involves leading experts who will share with you their insights. You will have an opportunity to submit questions before and during the sessions. In the virtual sessions, polling will be used to obtain your feedback and will encourage you to chat. The sessions will be held each Tuesday and Friday from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm PST, starting January 8. The live programs are open to all, and only CSIMS members have access to recorded sessions.

Date: January 8, 2021, Friday
Time: 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm
Session: Medical Legal Assessments: What are stakeholders, including the injured worker, looking for?
Faculty: Christopher R. Brigham, MD (moderator), Michael Amster, MD, William Zachry, Applicant Attorney (tba), Defense Attorney (tba), Judge (tba),

Date: January 12, 2021, Tuesday
Time: 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm
Session: AMA Guides, Chapter 1, Philosophy, Purpose and Appropriate Use of the Guides: AMA Perspective
Faculty: Christopher R. Brigham, MD, Steven Demeter, MD, MPH

Date: January 15, 2021, Friday
Time: 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm
Session: AMA Guides, Chapter 2, Practical Application of the Guides
Faculty: Christopher R. Brigham, MD, Steven Demeter, MD, MPH


Patricia Aranas, Assistant Director

The written section of the reaccreditation process is completed. This section involved providing data from prior conferences, this year’s virtual conference and the first two webinars on False MRIs with Dr. Khan. The next part of the reaccreditation process is the interview with CME, scheduled on March 21, 2020. Prior to the interview, I will be preparing for it with our consultant, Jacob Coverstone.

CSIMS is currently working on the 2021 membership renewal process and should have it completed within the month. We will be putting email blast to all our members and potential new members about all the exciting events we have planned throughout 2021. Due to the suggestions of our members, we are also making changes to the registration process which will resolve some of the issues our members were experiencing.


Bella Goldstein, Vice President, Communications

Happy New Year’s everyone! To wrap up this year, please read the few reminders below:

In December, we officially started our weekly Zoominars, and we are beyond excited to keep the momentum going for the new year.

Please sign up here for our weekly webinars. It is a one-time registration and you will receive all the notifications regarding the webinars.

We had another emergency webinar on December 9th. 2020 to discuss the Proposed Fee schedule. Please click here to access the recording and slides.

The access the October 2020 conference is only for the paid attendees of the virtual event, so if you need the link resent, please email someone on the team to have it privately sent to you.

Follow us on our social media accounts to get the latest at CSIMS.

Thank you again for your support in CSIMS, we are very excited to keep growing this organization throughout 2021 and continue fighting for you!