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The California Society of Industrial Medicine and Surgery is the oldest and most prestigious Society now celebrating its 40th year Anniversary! The Society is devoted entirely to the issues encompassing the needs of Physicians and providers who care for the injured worker in the California Workers’ Compensation System. What started as a group of 9 “Founding Fathers” has now grown to hundreds of members, throughout the State. Throughout the years, CSIMS members have enjoyed major educational and advocacy benefits as well as life-time relationships with fellow Members. Our collaborations are now burgeoning as we become engaged with other Societies. Joining CSIMS, as any member type, will connect you with the largest network of Physicians, educators, business entities, lobbyists and professional advisors in our work comp world.

NOTE 1: Please go through the Membership Categories in detail and apply to the one which is most pertinent to you.

NOTE 2: All dues can be paid either by Check or Credit Card (via PayPal). You do not need a PayPal account to pay by credit card.

The “NEW CSIMS” is welcoming all physicians and surgeons (M.D., D.O & PhD), Optometrists, Dentists, Podiatrists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistants, licensed by the State of California and within the scope of their practice as defined by California State law, with the majority of their practice being occupational medicine.


New Member: $210

  • Prerequisite:
    • Membership is mandatory to be eligible to get this package of Membership/Conference
  • Membership:
  • $210 for EACH New Member ONLY good for 01.20-12.31.20
    • Allows you the opportunity to:
      • Attend the Virtual 2020 CSIMS Annual Conference
      • Be considered to speak at the Webinars and 2021 Conferences
      • Access to ALL of the numerous benefits of being a CSIMS Member

    New Member: $695

    • Prerequisite:
      • For the single practitioner or those with 2 total providers (e.g. Physician and Nurse Practitioner)
    • Membership
      • $695/year for the EACH New Member for 2020*

    Associate Member: $495

    • Prerequisite:
      • To get this discount, the Physician must be a member in good standing with one of the following Societies: BIACAL, CAAA, CALSIPP, CCA, COA, CPA, CPA, PM&R, WOEMA
    • Membership
      • $495/year for the Associate Member for 2020*

    Affiliate Member: $395

    • Prerequisite:
      • For attorneys, clinical administrators, nurse case managers and utilization review personnel who will not be earning QME/CME/CE credits
    • Membership
      • $395/year for each Affiliate Member for 2020

    Corporate Member: $295** (FOR VENDORS ONLY)

    • Prerequisite:
      • All vendors must be active members before they are eligible to secure a booth at the Annual conference:
    • Membership
      • $295 for Corporate Members
      • **For more details on what a Corporate Membership entails, please speak with the Executive Director, Ron, Y. Goldstein, M.D. directly at 949-525-9102 or email at

      Group Members

      • Prerequisite:
        • To get this discount, ALL members must be registered individually under the Group’s name, and join AT THE SAME TIME:
      • Membership (**see below)
        • $595/year for each Group Member w/groups of 3-9 members for 2020*
        • $495/year for each Group Member w/groups of 10-29 members for 2020*
        • $395/year for each Group Member w/groups of 30+ members for 2020*

      **Please call the Assistant Director, Patricia Aranas, at 949-525-9102 to discuss these options in more details

      NOTE: All dues can be paid either by Check or Credit Card (via PayPal). You do not need a PayPal account to pay by credit card.


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