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CSIMS is the RECOGNIZED voice of occupational medicine before the California Legislature and state agencies. Our lobbyist, Dean Florez was a former California State Senator from 2002-2008. Subsequently, he was the Senate Majority Leader from 2008-2010. CSIMS proudly has an Advocacy Committee and a Lobbyist to organize and fight in Sacramento. We have added our President’s “EMERGENCY WEBINAR” which has reached thousands of physicians and providers, to inform everyone what is happening at the forefront. CSIMS has guided scores of Physicians on how to work together to get “our needs” heard by the decision makers. We have direct and regular contact with The Director of the DWC, the Director of the DIR and the Office of Administrative Law, all directly under the Governor. We continue fighting for the rights of all of our physicians from ALL specialties, throughout California…and the battle of the Medical-Legal Fee Schedule (MLFS) is ongoing. We are gearing up for additional proposals and battles to affect change for an increase in COLA and more fair-practice and transparency with MPN’s, UR and IMR systems. To that end, we are now formulating a new LEGAL ACTION COMMITTEE while we build a war chest fund.


We have provided our members with 34 years of educational forums and conferences. This year, on our 40th Anniversary, we are excited to present the 2020 CSIMS 35th Annual Conference…VIRTUALLY. We remain on the cutting edge of knowledge that is paramount for an evolving practice and legal developments, with effective treatment guidelines. We are building our educational format to specifically target “TREATERS” (Occ Med, PTP, STP providers) and well as “MEDLEGAL EVALUATORS” (AME & QME experts). With imagination and curiosity, our CSIMS MEMBERS are the chosen TEACHERS. We have created the first ever “CSIMS Medschool Luncheon Weekly Medlegal Webinar Series” as well as the “CSIMS Monthly Treater A-Z Webinar series” to constantly provide the most relevant and practical knowledge for all physicians and providers in the Work Comp arena. CSIMS is approved by the Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC), California Medical Association, Board of Chiropractic Examiners and other organizations to grant continuing education (CME/CE/QME) credits to our members.


We have expanded our education philosophy to include the notion that we want our physicians to excel and to flourish in their individual practices, while rendering the best possible medical care to the injured worker. We are now dedicating 8 hours (previously 3 hours), at each Conference, for the Business of Medicine. Our goal is to provide all Members with the tools needed to enhance the safety of their practice, while working to build a major fund of knowledge from specialized Attorneys in Work Comp, Labor, Business and Criminal law. In addition, we will provide “PTP” Billing and Collections as well as “QME” Billing and Collections for your practice. We are also bringing to the forefront all of our “Corporate Members” who are partnering with us, throughout the year, to work closely with all of our Members. They will be offering bigger and better financial solutions along with creative ways to implement much more efficient systems for your practices  


We have now established a method by which any Member (Physicians and Medical Providers only) can obtain professional consultation with CSIMS experts on any topic from Education and Advocacy to the Business of Medicine. As a community, one can put forth questions, for example regarding billing, collections and proper coding. The result is that Member will get a flurry of responses with differing or similar opinions from Physicians who are in the trenches doing exactly what you are doing and experiencing!


Our CSIMS Members now have access to learn from our Physician Members as well as from our Corporate Members about a plethora of practical and complex issues we all face in our day to day practices. We have the experts to tackle numerous issues: Reducing collection hassles; Use of the MTUS; Learning better UR review procedures and strategies; Improving proficiency with AMA guides; and newer methods of creating efficiencies of staffing


We are currently working with 9 Societies to formulate working relationships to find common goals with physicians and providers throughout California. Nine of our Members are representing CSIMS as our Ambassadors, to begin establishing partnerships bridging our collective needs. Issues from Education projects (Trifecta Conference Project in March of 2020 with BIACAL, CCA & CSIMS), to joining hands to form more powerful advocacy in Sacramento, together, are being created and expanded upon every day!


The CAC is made up of the corporate leaders, CEO’s and owners of medium and large State and National organizations. These leaders are working on a regular basis to bring the business and non-profit needs of our Society together, for the first time ever. In so doing, we have been able to tap into an enormous source of knowledge to help the Society as a whole, but also ideas on how to help each individual Member of CSIMS. There has been an explosion of ideas as we are formulating for the first time ever, the “Founding Members” of the long standing Friends of CSIMS.


The CSIMS nominating committee is made up of the most active members, on the Executive Committee, who are working to manage the Society and build its stature and strength in California. Recently, the Committee recommended 8 candidates to be considered for openings on the Board and 2 of those Physicians were elected. We are growing our Board of Directors and will soon be accepting nominations, from the entire membership, of Physicians who are best suited to become Members of the Board of Directors of CSIMS.


As we continue to grow and innovate, and as we continue to build strength in numbers, we are now more than ever ready for our voices to be heard and our issues, as Physicians and providers, addressed. To that end, we have begun the process of creating a Legal Action Committee. This committee is very unique in that the members of this committee will be made up of those that specifically contribute to the war chest fund…this committee is made up of the actual members-at-large of the organization. The purpose is to form yet another group of individual thinkers and fighters, in an organized fashion, to bring the fight with legal assistance, to prepare on another battle front for our rights as Physicians!


The lecturers for the 35th CSIMS Annual Conference were carefully chosen and vetted in the early part of this year. We are now working on creating a special location on our Website for all of those individuals interested in teaching. In that area, each Member can place their names and specialties along with what specific expertise they have to benefit the entire membership. These opportunities will be made available to anyone wishing to be considered for all of the Conferences and Webinars of the “NEW CSIMS”. To be a Physician speaker, you MUST be a Member in good standing of CSIMS. This will include being considered to teach at the Medschool Luncheon Medlegal Webinars (100/year), the Monthly Treater A-Z Webinars (12/year), the Trifecta joint venture Conference in March of 2021 and the 36th CSIMS Annual Conference in October of 2021. 


We are now embarking on another journey to have more local and regional physicians become more active in CSIMS. Through an outreach of leadership in local communities, we are now preparing to grow, exponentially, by learning of the needs of our Physicians from another perspective and to work towards sharing ideas and strategies. This will propel us into an organization that is known and widely respected by Physicians of all specialties, Attorneys, insurance managers and adjusters as well as leaders in Sacramento. CSIMS IS HERE TO STAY!!


  • 2020 CSIMS 35th Annual Conference: Virtual on October 22-25, 2020
  • Approved provider for AMA PRA Category 1® CME, QME, RN, DC and MCLE credit
  • “Emergency Webinars” from our President, as the need arises
  • “Medschool Luncheon Weekly Med-legal Webinar” series: 100 webinars on ratable injuries
  • “Monthly Treater A-Z Webinar” series: 12 annual webinars on the life of the treating Physician
  • TRIFECTA Join Conference with BIACAL, CCA & CSIMS in March of 2021
  • 2021 CSIMS 36th Annual Conference: In-person in October of 2021
  • Special Membership rates for groups of Physicians and Physicians with affiliations with one of our 9 collaborating Societies

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